Office of Student Affairs

The study secretary's office is the coordination and contact point for students and doctoral candidates and provides assistance in the preparation and organization of scientific studies, applications and plans, as well as instruction in the digital database of the Department of Radiology.

The responsibilities of the Office of Student Affairs include:

  • Study Coordination
    Image processing, evaluation of findings and laboratory results during oncological follow-up examinations, scheduling of appointments with physicians and MTRAs, wards and laboratories, at the MRI, CT, DSA, gamma camera, etc. imaging devices.
  • Documentation
    Documentation of study data in the clinic's own digital database of the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (Asena microtherapies).
  • Communication with Study Patients
    Educate patients on the importance of scientific work and assist with questions and problems.
  • Study Meeting
    weekly study meeting of students, doctoral candidates, supervisors and physicians, in which the progress report of the individual studies is presented, problems with the scientific work are discussed and assistance is given. Presentations by physicians from our own as well as cooperating clinics enrich the meeting and stimulate discussion.
  • Cooperation with the Saxony-Anhalt Tumor Registry
    In order to include the exact diagnosis and classification of the tumor with the oncological course data for the individual patient in the studies, we work closely with the local tumor registry and supplement our studies by comparing the data from the tumor registry. The informed consent of each study patient is, of course, a prerequisite.


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